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We are a family owned and operated business. We are committed to the best products and client services. We pride ourselves in our work.

Welcome to TO DYE FOR

What started as a hobby now keeps us all busy. We are very focused on providing our clients with service that far exceeds their expectations. 

We are only a WhatsApp or phone call away.  We encourage you to contact us before doing anything you are unsure of.


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We know how good our products are but dont take our word for it... this is what some of our clients say... Keep paging down there are a lot here 🙂

Good morning peeps.. I’m over the moon with my results.. 1st of all I want to thank my friend Gamieda Jones for inviting me to this amazing group. Then to the Beautiful amazing woman Mandy Pollock ..who guided me what to buy for my hair .. thank you 🙏 for all the patience 🙈. . Nd 101 questions I kept asking lol . Here is my results .. Red hair is before green shampoo and platinum toner.

Waydee Pregnolato

Used Green shampoo 40 min & then Platinum Toner 45 min and the end result was amazing… Thank you Mandy for the advise. . .

Karin La Grange

Mandy ur products are amazing. I bleached my hair again 🙈 and used the platinum toner. Getting closer to white. Sorry that I’m not smiling guys 😁

Colleen van Schalkwyk



Send a photo of your hair taken in the sun so we can get a good look at colour and pigmentation.  Let us know what you have done to your hair, what you want to achieve as well as the condition of your hair.  Please include your name and surname.

Mandy 0662187092

what dye colours will work on my hair?

Firstly remember the lighter your hair the brighter the colour.  The darker your hair the colour will only be a shine in the sun.  Darker colours suit darker hair. Lighter colours will only show on blonde hair.  Remeber this is a pigment only so it will not lighten your hair. It works off your base colour and will  be different on everyones hair depending on their base colour.  If in doubt send a pic of your hair to Mandy 0662187092

will the colour wash out easily?

This depends on a number of factors.  If your hair is porous (See our blog for more informatoin on this) Then it will grab the colour and you will in all probability struggle to get the colour out.  If you are very blonde it will also take longer to remove. If you have hair that has never been bleached or coloured it may wash out very quick.  Using sulphate free shampoo make the colour last longer.  Deep cleansing or clarifying shampoo will wash it out faster.  Swimming will also wash the colour out. 

what are the courier costs?

We courier countrywide overnight and door to door. Weekdays only.  So  if you pay before 1pm and the stock is available you will have it the following morning. This is Monday to Thursday. If we send out on a Friday, you will have it the following Monday.

Outlying areas may take a day or two longer. 

Costs are R100 for most parcels unless it is particularly heavy then around R150

i have used the product and it is not as i would have liked it to be..

We guarantee our products. There is normally a very easy explanation if things have not worked out for you.  Before you do anything further please WhatsApp Mandy on 0662187092 with your full name, a photo of your hair taken in the sun and what products you purchased. 

We will work with you through what must be done.

If you are ever unsure of what to do with a product please call us before applying.

I love my products and want to share it with to dye for...

We love getting feedback and before and after photos.  

Please feel free to post onto our facebook group or whatsapp photos to Mandy on 0662187092 to post on Facebook as well as the website and Instagram xx

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