Advanced Liquid Gold 200ml


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Advanced Liquid Gold

100ml / 150ml /200ml / 500ml / 1000ml

Absolutely amazing product. Formulated for very chemically, weather damaged, fragile and brittle hair.. Instantly restores and hydrates. Helps with split ends and seals moisture into hair.

  • Wash hair 3 times with deep cleansing shampoo (removes all products out of hair for the LG to penetrate)
  • Rinse
  • Towel dry
  • Apply liquid gold
  • Leave on between 20 – 40 min
  • Rinse 80%
  • Blowdry and straighten
  • Straighten small pieces at a time

Will straighten hair for about 3 weeks but repairs hair. Can be used as often as needed or once a month or so.
Best aftercare shampoo and conditioner is the Brown Bottle of Argan shampoo and conditioner as well as the green bottle Go Care Shampoo and Conditioner. MUST BE SULPHATE FREE or you will wash the Liquid GoldTreatment out of your hair.


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