Sulphate is salt and if your shampoo has salt in it you will find that your hair colour washes out a lot faster.   It also washes away all the natural oils your body produces and in time your hair will be dry on the ends and oily at the roots.

The reason for this is that the body now try’s to produce the oils that are being washed away but the more oily your hair gets the more you wash.  So just a vicious circle.

Once you start using sulphate free shampoo you will notice after about 2 weeks that your hair is less oily and your ends less dry.   Just give your hair time to adjust to the new product.

Sulphate free shampoo is recommended to anyone colouring, straightening, doing a Brazillian or Botox or Liquid Gold.  One of our best sellers is the ARGAN shampoo and conditioner.   But we have several other options too.

For overall healthier hair, longer lasting colour and much more shine chat to us about a product that would suit your hair best.

NOTE:  All conditioners are sulphate free so it is just your shampoo that would be the problem.

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