Before you start the process of going blonde always consult with a professional. If you are set on doing this yourself contact Mandy on 0662187092 with your full name and a photo of your hair taken in the sun.

Bleaching can severely damage hair. Over bleaching can result in what we call a chemical burn (Hair breaks off at a certain point, usually in clumps) It is not advisable to bleach hair over and over in a short period of time, so going from dark hair to blonde hair should be done over a period of time. It is a process. If your hair lifts well you may manage in 2 sessions if not it could be several. So take your time.

Don’t whatever you do purchase over the counter bleaching products. If you dont want to have your hair done at a salon then contact us for a product that will not be as damaging on your hair.

You will also find you will go orange or yellow before you go blonde so you will have to bleach more than once probably 3 times before you achieve your colour. I would suggest that if you absolutely must then put a few highlights through to start and rather work on lessening the damage on your hair.

Silver and grey colours will only work on white blonde hair.

Look at our products like LIQUID GOLD and the ARGAN OIL SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER to help with maintaining and replenishing your hair during the bleaching process

For hair that is very orange or yellow our GREEN SHAMPOO and PLATINUM TONER will be a huge help.

But remember before starting ask for advice and help xx


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